The road to a healthy and satisfactory marriage is paved with compassion, love and selfless service. Modern lovers tend to be puzzled by the demands of romantic relationships partly because of a poor understanding of marriage as an institution, human behaviour, and the endless demands of the modern era. Love Adventure is a workbook that facilitates a conversation between those who would like to build a satisfactory romantic relationship. In this workshop couples will have an opportunity to meaningfully engage with themes such as each other’s ideas about love, upbringing and personality traits. This workbook may be used by couples or groups to explore themes such as financial and sexual intimacy, managing conflict and creating a family vision. This book helps to create a blue print for a healthy marriage foundation. The themes covered in this book are designed to create a harmonious, purpose drive and satisfactory marriage. Get this book for a more satisfactory love life.


Empires of the Mind is an interactive workshop for teenagers. Teenagers experiencing this workshop will learn to understand how the brain works, how to become resilient, focused and more self-aware. This programme accompanied by a workbook will sharpen the communication and cognitive skills of teenagers. They will learn how to think critically about life and careers while developing the skills to process emotions effectively. The program also helps learners to think critically about the world, addictions and peer pressure.

“You have been selected to be part of an elite group of thinkers and thought-leaders that have the responsibility of preparing a special human being that will conquer and lead the future Empires of the Mind. Humanity has learned to conquer land, sky and oceans, however, humanity is now faced with the task of mastering the last frontier - the powerful Empires of the Mind.” Will you take up the challenge?


Too many people believe in the myth of multi-tasking and are amazed when they miss their goals. In Focus and Flourish, Thabang Tlaka shares insights to directing one’s energies towards goals that matter. Read this book and understand the essence of prioritising, the benefits of valuing your mental real-estate, and the art and science of keeping the main thing, the main thing. Read this book and see how ordinary people achieve extra-ordinary success by focusing on that which is important.


The Taxi Philosopher is a raw and reflective memoir of a young psychologist’s experiences gained from travelling in minibus taxis, practicing in community clinics and reading provocative material. It is a book about the limitless and timeless human spirit in the South African context. Themes regarding God, human behaviour and psychological theory are explored in unique journal entries. Precious and painful moments that develop and destroy the human soul are unveiled. It is a book about contradictions and strange connections that heal. It will provoke, challenge, lead and, most importantly, heal many hearts and minds.


Corrupting Virgins is a book about purity, second chances, and tsunamis of hatred. It is a story about wading through oceans of opinions, tunnelling through mountains of ignorance, and dancing through the joys and sorrows of life. It is a story that seeks to defend love in a society where love is constantly on trial. This is a book about wrestling arguments and monsters that besiege those who believe in faith, hope, and love. Through a unique African and poetic lens, the reader will be taken through Jungles of Insult, Trains of Testing, Rivers of Life, Cities of Instant Gratification, and the Village of Virtue.


Who are you when nobody is looking? In an age where selfies posted on social media platforms reflect only a small part of whom you are, does anyone truly know who you are deep inside? Through thought-provoking poetry and different perspectives on life, you’ll be inspired, even challenged, to turn your lens internally. Our collective human experience addressed in this book, will help you to reflect on your own personal experiences of God, relationships, and everyday struggles. You’ll be inspired to wrestle with that which you would not be willing to post on social media.

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