Thabang Tlaka offers the following therapeutic services:

Population Groups

  • Adolescents
  • Adults
  • Children
  • Couples
  • Elderly
  • Families
  • Individuals
  • Parents

Group Therapy

  • Anxiety & Depression Group
  • Trauma Group 
  • Men’s Group 
  • Teens’ Group 
  • Grief Counselling

Group Debriefing

  • Occupational Debriefing
  • Critical Incident Debriefing
  • Stress Debriefing

Special Events Speaking

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  •  Learning To Be Resilient (Bouncing Forward)
  • Relationships for Success (How to Leverage Relationships for Maximum Development) 
  • How to Win By Losing Well (Working Through Trauma and Setbacks)
  • Adapting, Adjusting and Advancing (Embracing the Constant of Change)
  • Goal Setting 2.0 (Setting Realistic and Stretch Goals)
  • The Principles of Learned Optimism (Perspective, Optimism and a Healthy Self-Concept)
  • Sharpening The Tool (How To Self-Care The Proper Way)
  • Maintaining A Good Eye (Chief Aim In Life)
  • Managing Your Mental Life (The Effectiveness of CBT)
  • #Hope (Resolving To Make Tomorrow Better)
  • Building Romantic Relationships
  • Study Skills & Managing Anxiety
  • How To Have Difficult Conversations
  • Parenting Skills For The Modern Parent
  • Working With Teenage Challenges (Suicide & Depression)
  • Psychology of Infidelity (Motivations, Impact and Recovery)
  • Working With Emotions
  • #Focus: Tools To Help You Finish What You Start.
  • The Father Wound, The Man-Child & Significant Relationships
  • Working With And Integrating Loss
  • Talking To Children About Loss (Grief, Divorce, Finances)

Scope of practice

  • Depression 
  • Bereavement
  • Emotional Difficulties (Anger)
  • Anxiety Disorders (Panic)
  • Behavioural and Emotional Problems
  • Bipolar Mood Disorders
  • Depression
  • Personality Disorders (Borderline)
  • Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder 
  • Various Types of Trauma (Sexual, Physical, Hi-jacking etc.)
  • Relationship Problems (Pre and Post Marital, Communication and Intimacy Difficulties)
  • Family Psychotherapy 
  • Spirituality and Life Meaning Concerns